It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

December is my favorite time of the year. I love Christmas and everything that it stands for -- family, celebration, giving, love, etc.  Many of my favorite memories as a kid are from my families Christmas traditions -- going to Disneyland, baking dozens of cookies, shopping for stocking stuffers, ice skating downtown, Hotel Del Christmas trees, sticky buns in the early morning, getting a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, and more.  

We finally got our fresh Christmas tree up and decorated.

What are your holiday traditions? I'd love to know!


Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

Your tree is beautiful! Our Christmas traditions have always been the same. Dinner with my God Parents on Christmas Eve - we exchange all our gifts with each other then (I was convinced as a kid that Santa visited their house a day early - because they always brought over gifts from Santa). My mom always gives each of us a new pair of pajamas to open and wear that night. Christmas morning - fresh baked cinnamon rolls and then my mom's extended family comes over and we have a big Christmas lunch. Christmas is all the more meaningful these last three years with our daughter and having my hubby home, next year may be just a little bit sadder and harder though...

Amy said...

We drive around looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate. Each kid gets one gift from Santa and he fills a stocking for each of us (adults too). The know exactly which gift is from Santa since he always uses the shiny foil wrapping paper. Breakfast is rolls or muffins and orange juice. I refuse to cook on Christmas, I want to relax and play with the kids. We have cheese and crackers and fruit and vegetable trays. My husband started grilling supper a few years ag. The kids really look forward to it.