Summer bee blocks

One of the best things about the online quilting world is participating in quilting bees. Often times you get to work with fabrics that you haven't used before and make blocks that you might not have originally given a second chance.

Anywho, here is a round up of recent blocks I've made:


For August, Kelly, who blogs over at Thinking Out Loud, requested these adorable wonky butterfly blocks in bright summery colors. They were a breeze to make and I think they will make a quilt that is sure to bring joy to a child in need.

Then, way back in July (eep) Thea asked for blocks featuring half square triangles. I really liked the idea that she had to make 2 different quilts - one for a boy and one for a girl. The colors she chose are also are fresh and modern. I love Thea's design sense. Anyway, here are the 2 blocks I made:

Quilts for Cancer Bee

Denise asked for Improv Chevron blocks inspired by Red Pepper Quilts. At first I found this block a bit difficult, although that could be because I didn't have a lot of giant scraps to use. Anyway, I think the blocks turned out beautiful and I can't wait to see what the quilt looks like when it is finished. I highly recommend everyone try the tutorial, which is found here.


The post in which I say I'm not dead but I do have good news for one lucky reader

Don't worry I'm not dead! I sincerely apologize for my significant lack of posting for the past few months. Life has been rather hectic (insert excuse here) and my quilting had to take a back seat to other things. But luckily life has slowed down (or rather we've settled into a new routine) so I can now focus on my favorite things like quilting again. Yay. So expect a bunch of new posts in the future...including some tutorials, giveaways, and a reveal of my new sewing room.

Also my sister in law is getting married in October (yay) the same weekend as sewing summit. Since I don't happen to own a time turning device which will allow me to be in two places at once, I must choose which life altering event to attend. While this is somewhat saddening to me (I really really want to go to sewing summit), it's good news for you because it means I have an extra sewing summit ticket that I'm willing to sell to one of my awesome readers. So please email me if you are interested in attending so I can transfer my ticket to you.

Sewing Summit will be tons of fun and you know that you want to go. And take lots of pictures and maybe share some of your cool swag with me. =)