Calm before the storm

Life sure is busy and hectic around here. 

I am juggling quite a few design projects (quilting and otherwise) and deadlines. My lovely husband is currently studying for a Neuro test he has at 8 am tomorrow and then getting ready to go into full on study mode for his medical boards as "crunch" month starts next week. 

So before he has to go into hiding and I become a single woman (seriously, he will be studying for 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week for the next 5 weeks) we have decided to turn off our iphones, ipads, MacBooks, ipods, and whatever other apple device I am missing from the list for the weekend and go spend some time together away from it all. 

And hopefully while we are hiking and eating s'mores and watching avengers in 3D (I can't help it, I really like movies...so I can't ban all technology) this weekend I will be hit by some inspiration for one of my design projects. Because I desperately need it.

As always, please do not use my images without my permission!

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Melissa said...

I hope you both had a wonderful weekend together! Good luck with everything on your plate and I hope Alan does great on his med boards!!! Thinking of you!