The post in which I say I'm not dead but I do have good news for one lucky reader

Don't worry I'm not dead! I sincerely apologize for my significant lack of posting for the past few months. Life has been rather hectic (insert excuse here) and my quilting had to take a back seat to other things. But luckily life has slowed down (or rather we've settled into a new routine) so I can now focus on my favorite things like quilting again. Yay. So expect a bunch of new posts in the future...including some tutorials, giveaways, and a reveal of my new sewing room.

Also my sister in law is getting married in October (yay) the same weekend as sewing summit. Since I don't happen to own a time turning device which will allow me to be in two places at once, I must choose which life altering event to attend. While this is somewhat saddening to me (I really really want to go to sewing summit), it's good news for you because it means I have an extra sewing summit ticket that I'm willing to sell to one of my awesome readers. So please email me if you are interested in attending so I can transfer my ticket to you.

Sewing Summit will be tons of fun and you know that you want to go. And take lots of pictures and maybe share some of your cool swag with me. =)


Melissa said...

Does it make sense that I am totally torn between being happy and sad for you? I am happy for you because you will get to spend the weekend with your sister on what is surely going to be a life changing day for her, but I am sad because you are going to miss sewing summit.

I'm also elated to read that you are not dead! I've missed you lady and I'm so glad that you are settled into your hew home and routine and can't wait to see what you have been up to!

Cheryl said...

Which weekend is it? I would love to be able to go if I can!

Sew Much Fun! said...

I'd love to go for you. I'll send you an email :) -wendy :)

t. anne said...

Hi! I'd love to go in your place, but I have other plans that weekend. Bummer. Have a wonderful time at your sister's wedding!

smileynann said...

Hi! I found you via Sewing Summit. I have an extra ticket, as well, and I would love for one of your lucky readers to buy it, if anyone still wants one. Just email me via joelandnatalie at yahoo dot com if you're interested!