Quilt Shop Spotlight: Quilt in a Day

While in Southern California I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a darling quilt shop - Quilt in a Day. 

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend planning an afternoon to go visit. I even took my non-quilting family members who kept their complaining about my substantial amount of time looking at fabric to a minimum.

The people who worked there were so friendly and graciously allowed for me to take a billion pictures of their shop. Sadly my memory card messed up so some of them didn't turn out, but I do have a few to share with you...a little teaser if you will.

First up, gorgeous quilts like the one above adorned all the walls. I loved the fact that there were modern quilts mixed in with some more traditional quilts...my dad was especially enamored with the lovely quilt featured below.

Quilt in a Day has an excellent collection of fat quarters displayed in fun ways all throughout the store. I really liked this bookshelf display, but there were other equally awesome displays in the other 3 rooms (yes 3!) of the shop.

This is one my favorite vignettes in the store - love the use of the oven!

They also carry a lovely collection of solids...I wanted all of them of course, but surprisingly walked away without any of them...I am sorta regretting it but luckily for me they have an excellent online store so I can remedy that...and you can too!

While I obviously wanted to purchase the entire store, I showed massive restraint and only went home with these beauties.

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Melissa said...

We are supposed to go to San Diego at the end of March...I am envisioning a stop here :)