Nina's Spa Trip

I came home last week from Texas to find this in my sewing room:

At first glance you might not find anything wrong with this photo. However there is an important element missing: Nina my Bernina!

Before my panic attack set in and I ran to file a report on my missing Bernina, my husband stepped in, handed me a glass of water and calmly informed me that he sent Nina off to the Bernina Spa for the week. Not only was she going to be cleaned & oiled, but she also was going to get a new UV light so I could see better when we were sewing.

A week later, here is Nina all set up and ready to start sewing (with her new light!)

Best husband ever? I think so!


Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

New light. . oh I'm ohh-ing and awww-ing. What a great hubby to take care of your Nina!

Cara said...

What a sweet hubby...and I love love love that table! Must be a true joy to sit down in front of it every day!