Happy 2014 (a few months late)

Happy February, belated Valentine's Day, belated New Years, Christmas, etc.

Life around here has been hectic and I've been forced to focus more on my grad school studies & spending time with my family than spending quality time with my sewing machine. I've been taking a double load of classes every semester in an effort to finish grad school as fast as humanly possible...which has taken up quite a lot of time in the day during which I usually would be sewing. This little break from sewing has made me think about what really matters in life. I've been loving the chance I've had the past few months to soak up some quality time with my husband while he has the time on the weekends and evenings. Since residency will start soon, I have to take advantage of all the free time possible! We've managed to get away from everything for a little while -- whether it was to the sunny beaches of Florida or the ski slopes of West Virginia and just enjoy being together.

I am a huge goal setter, and I get into the whole New Years Resolution thing. However, this year I am trying to take it slow, and just live in the moment, so I tried to restrain my resolution/goal setting tendencies back in January. So while there are tons of things I would like to get accomplished this year I have decided to just focus on being happy and making memories. So if as I sit down to my sewing machine to finally finish a project and my husband randomly asks if I want to go camping, the answer will be yes and sewing will get put on hold. With that said, however, sewing does make me extremely happy and I foresee much more time spent in my studio in the near future.

Before I step foot in my studio today though, I think I will venture outside and play in the snow.

So, what makes you happy?


Kathy said...

I can't wait to see what you create after such a long break. Your modern baby quilt was beautiful!

Jessica said...

I know exactly how you feel! Good for you. Enjoy the time you are spending with you family :)