Confidence in 2012

Happy New Year! Sure I'm a few days late, but I've been busy enjoying every last second my lovely husband and I had together before he had to go back to school (a lame but sadly necessary part of becoming a doctor...wouldn't want someone operating on your heart if they didn't know how your heart works I guess) Anyway I digress.

I know it seems a sort of must do for quilt bloggers to list their quilting related goals for the year. Not to be outdone here are my quilting goals for 2012 (and also because lets face it, if I am held somewhat accountable then the chance of these being accomplished increases exponentially)

* Finish wedding quilt
* Quilt & Bind cathedral window quilt (seriously it's been pieced for about six months now)
* Organize my sewing room
* Write at least 2 new patterns
* Master curves

In other sort of related but not really news, after much deliberation my family and I have finally settled on our word for the year. Yes we have a word we focus on each year. So what. Go ahead and laugh. But at the end of the year we'll see who is the one left laughing.

Anyway our word this year is *drumroll please*  Confidence. We will have confidence in our choices (school, work, and otherwise) and stop second guessing ourselves. We will have confidence while taking life-altering tests (Boards/Grad School Tests) and we will have the confidence necessary to follow our dreams and make things happen this year.

I'm excited. Do you have a word for the year? Or any quilting goals? Or perhaps both?


Melyn said...

I love your family's word :)

Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

I love your word. My personal word this year is simply "maintain". I want to maintain where I am at and keep my family together and loved. The goal this year is to keep it together!