In my previous life I was an art director.

I went to college where I got a degree in advertising and design. Yup, while my friends were busy spending hours in a lab mixing chemicals together in the hopes of blowing something up, I got to draw, watch movies, go to parties, take photos, play on the computer and basically have a grand time with some awesome people. And it was all in the name of creativity. See, being a "creative" in the advertising world can be stressful - you must always be ahead of the curve and ready to spot the next trend.

But I loved every second of it (okay maybe not the second that my entire portfolio got erased an hour before it was due...)

I loved going to work at odd hours of the day.
I loved that going to concerts, movies, art galleries, and watching television were all part of my job description.
I loved traveling to various places in the name of work.
I loved that the tools of my trade included Primsacolors, a MacBook, a Nikon Camera, sketchbooks and lots of books.

Basically I loved being creative.

When I started quilting, many of my close friends were not surprised and saw it as another outlet for me to "express myself." I love taking my inspirations from my travels, nature, architecture, and pop culture and translating them into quilts. I think this is why I design all my own patterns.

So I have a question for you - what inspires you? How do you plan on staying creative this year?

For some ideas check out this video:



Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

My family inspires me, the fabric/textiles I see inspire me, my fellow incredibly talented bloggers inspire me (yourself included). I am also inspired by nature - in my former life I was a studio art minor - nature photography was a passion of mine (still is just don't have the time right now chasing around Anne). I really think the key to staying creating is to keep searching out other creative people :)

Katie said...

That's wonderful that you are able to continue working with your creativity!

I always wanted to be an artist, but to appease my parents who disagreed with that as a career, I went the path of working in an office. I hated it and got laid off a couple years ago. It was the best thing because it led me to going back to school to get my art degree. I know I could create and learn on my own, but it's amazing how much faster everything clicks when you have a mentor.

I find inspiration from my world around me. I have learned to see the everyday in a different way and to work from life any time I can. I also like designing my own projects and usually change patterns to my liking. :)