Lone Star Blocks...or how long it takes to paper piece 8 blocks

It takes about 3 days of sewing, in case you were wondering.

So during the time of my sewing hiatus, I put off a lot of my sewing obligations. So this past week I've been super busy finishing up some bee blocks from last month for the do.good stitches bee. Luckily Holly was super understanding about me being a bit late on my blocks. Anyway, she asked for everyone to make these awesome lone star blocks (pattern from Anna at Six White Horses). When I saw these blocks, I fell in love and decided to make them for my hive of the 3x6 bee.

I hadn't actually tried making one when I decided this. The first block took me longer than I'm willing to admit. I think it is because there are something like 58 pieces per block. But anyway, I persevered. And then with the help of my lovely husband settled on an assembly line piecing method, which either gave the illusion of speed or helped me not go crazy paper piecing.

I actually caught up on my tv watching while I was sewing so yay for that...what shows do you watch while quilting?

3x6 Bee Hive 2 Paper Pieced blocks

Do.good.stitches blocks


Melissa said...

Love them!!! I watch Mash on DVD while I quilt because I don't have a tv in my sewing room. Once I get through all 11 seasons I switch to movies for awhile, but I always go back to Mash - it makes me laugh at the army and I need that from time to time! Can't wait to get my block!

HalfDozen said...

They are beautiful!

Elle said...

You are awesome! I just shared a Liebster award with you on my blog! Thanks for all of your amazing inspiration and your excellent color choices! :)