Project Sneak Peek!

One of the benefits of having a husband in medical school is the access I get to the library. His school's library offers to get any book - and if they don't have it, then they will borrow it from another library somewhere in the country. This is a lifesaver for our budget (especially since I read quickly). I've checked out a lot of quilting books - which I enjoy because it lets me look through the book before I decide if I want to buy it.

Recently I checked out Patchwork Style: 35 Simple Projects for a Cozy and Colorful Life by Suzuko Koseki. Stay tuned for a review of the book and one of the projects. So as I begin to work on a project (or two) in the book, cross your fingers it goes well and enjoy the photos!

I am linking up to Lee's blog for WIP in Wed...because this is my major WIP. =)


Mina said...

What a fun stack of fabrics!

Kelly said...

That is a beautiful pile of fabrics, I look forward to seeing what you do with it :)

Melissa said...

Love those colors!!! Can't wait to see what you are making!!!

Debbie said...

ooh! Sounds interesting! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday this week where I've enjoyed guest-hosting!