That time I sorta went to sewing summit

So last week I boarded a plane and flew to Salt Lake City, Utah for the weekend. While it just happened to be the weekend of sewing summit, it also was the weekend of my lovely sister's wedding. And as luck would have it, my dashing husband and I happened to be staying at the same gorgeous hotel where sewing summit was held.

I have the world's best husband who allowed me to juggle both and while I had a blast hanging out with family and doing family fun things, I also had fun at sewing summit. I didn't have time to take any of the classes or go to the lovely lunches (sad face) but I did get to make a few friends and I spent some time in the sewing rooms...the lovely Faith even showed me how to sew a partial seam...and I mastered a new way of sewing hexagons together. Yay! Although, I might win the worst blogger of the year award because I failed to take a single picture of my sewing adventures. Lame. I guess I'll just have to go next year so I can take pictures.

Anyway the best part of the weekend, obviously, was my sister's wedding -- here's to a lifetime of happiness for two of my favorite people!

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Melissa said...

what a gorgeous dress!!!