Studying in a box & other things

I apologize for my absence on this lovely blog but my summer semester is coming to an end and I have been quite busy studying for finals & writing research papers.

I am so focused on my work that I even study in a box while my husband lovingly puts together a new chair for me to use in the office. Surprisingly, it was quite comfortable and I had everything I needed for a successful study session: snacks, water, pillows, sticky notes, books (lots of books) & colorful pens.

I am hoping to finish everything soon and be able to have some time to sew & share all the new projects I have been working on. In the meantime, here is a picture of some fabric I ordered the other day while on a study break...I couldn't pass up Brenda's awesome golden ticket deal over at Pink Castle Fabrics. There are so many fun collections coming out, I think I will reward myself with another purchase once I finish up the semester...

what fabric line are you currently most excited about?


Chelsie C said...

Looks like fun! I'm so glad to be done with school, but not looking forward to going back for my masters. P.S. You might want to blur out your code on your golden ticket!

Melissa said...

Ok! You are too adorable in that box! Good luck with all the school work!