My "Rebellious" Weekend

This weekend my dashing husband spent most of his time studying for an endocrine exam. This left me lots of time to do whatever my heart desired. Of course I immediately wanted to spend some quality time with Nina (my sewing machine) who I have been neglecting as of late...so I did, despite being on my sewing hiatus.

Now before you get all upset about me ignoring doctors orders and the like, I promise I stopped whenever my wrists/hands started to hurt a lot. So it was somewhat slow going. But I did manage to complete a few projects.

First up I completed a quilt and it is easily one of my favorite quilts ever. I know I say that almost every time I make a new quilt, but I am seriously in love with it. I want to show you all so badly but can't reveal it yet. But here's a teaser shot:

Next up I conquered my fear of the zipper. 

As you can see I made myself a little coin pouch with scraps from my previous quilting projects....I even lined it! It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be and I definitely see a few more projects involving zippers in my future.

What did you do this weekend? Were you at all a little bit rebellious?

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Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

Woohoo for conquering the zipper! As soon as I finally conquered the zipper I haven't been able to stop making pouches.

I was not in the least rebellious...but it is ok because Anne was plenty rebellious for 10 people (gotta love toddlers!)

Lisa @ Sixmunchkin Stitching said...

Ooh, that quilt looks scrumptious! My favorite color! Can't wait to see the entire thing!

kendascrafts said...

Love the purple and gray!! Can't wait to see the whole thing. I'm jealous of your zipper. I'm still zipper-impaired. :-)

Teje said...

Hi! Beautiful zipper pouch! It can be a little bit tricky. I made a bag and zipper pouch too at the weekend. I love your colours in your new quilt and the pouch!
xxx Teje

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