Stockings for Kids Tutorial Tuesday: Reversible Stocking with Pockets

Todays stocking tutorial is courtesy of the ever so talented Melissa who blogs over at Sew BitterSweet Designs.  She has cleverly come up with a reversible stocking -- which is perfect for those of us (like myself) who are incapable of making a decision about what fabric to use on their projects.

I also want to take a second to say thank you to everyone who has sent in stockings so far. You guys rock and I seriously have been blown away by your generosity. 

So without further ado -- here is her tutorial!

100% Reversible Stocking with Pockets

Materials (enough to make 2!): 
- You will also need an old stocking or use Lyanna's pattern.
- 1 yard each of flannel (2 different designs)
- 1.5 yards of Pellon Fusible Fleece


1. Fold your PFF in half lengthwise and then in half again (per photograph). Place old stocking on top and cut around it using rotary cutter. You will end up with 2 sets of fusible stockings.

2. Next cut out stocking from flannel - fold flannel in half width wise. Place one of your PFF stockings on top, cut around with 1/4" extra on all sides - You will end up with 4 flannel stockings total.

3. You will also need to cut pockets out of the flannel and out of the PFF - Eyeball these based on the size of your pocket. Make the PFF pockets smaller than your flannel by 1/4". Cut 4 from the PFF and 4 from each of the flannels.

4. Fuse your PFF following the directions included with the PFF to the flannel (note it may take longer than usual).

5. Make your pockets. My pockets are also reversible so I layered one red square with one of the green squares that was fused with PFF. Sew 1/4" around three sides - leaving BOTTOM open, clip your corners

6. Make 4 pockets - Turn them right side out and press. Sew to stockings. Place right side up on stocking to determine placement, flip down and pin in place, using 1/4" seam sew across opening of pocket.

7. Flip the pocket up, pin in place and top stitch down 1/8" from edges.

8. Do this on all 4 stockings. Next sew the stockings together - place red stockings right sides together and green stockings right sides together. Sew around both stockings with 1/4" seam - leave tops open.

9. Next, make your handle. I cut a strip from each flannel - 1.5" x 8", and sewed them into a tube - turn tube right side out and attach to one of the stockings.

10. Time to make these 2 stockings into 1! With the green stocking inside out and the red stocking right side out. Place red stocking inside green stocking - pin side seams and around, leave 4 inch opening so you can turn stockings. Sew with 1/4" seam.

11. Reach inside the opening and pull red stocking out. Then pull green stocking right side out and place back inside the red stocking. Pin the opening closed and topstitch around the top of the stocking using an 1/8" seam. This will close the opening you used to turn the stocking and it will give it a nice finished look.

Congratulations! You have just made 2 stockings in one - and you should have enough fabric to make another reversible stocking too!

Happy stocking making!


Connie said...

What a cute stocking a great tutorial! Love that little pocket! Melissa does such beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

Bright Angel said...

What a wonderful stocking design! I love the reversibility and the pockets! Thank you for the great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

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KaHolly said...

Great tutorial!! I'll give it a try, see what I can come up with! ~karen

NurseBrandy said...

Love it, Melissa!

~B :)