Quilting Journey

I've been thinking about my quilting journey over the past few days. It seems like it was just yesterday that I first got my lovely sewing machine, Nina.

Back in the beginning of 2008, I casually mentioned to my husband that I'd like a sewing machine. This seemed to be a rather unusual request coming from me, but I said that I wanted to learn how to quilt. For some reason I was intrigued by the idea of designing with fabric. I love working with color and designing projects, and my dashing husband knew it, so it wasn't long before I came home one day with this lovely box! 

The first night I had Nina, I ran out to the local fabric shop and bought some fabric to make a quilt. This is what I "whipped up" over the next few hours:

We affectionally call it the swastika quilt. Apparently I didn't see the swastika in the design when I put it together. Oops. I guess I was too excited to be sewing to pay attention to details like that.

I've come a long way since then.

I love the entire quilting process - choosing fabrics, playing with shapes, colors, lines, and scale to create something unique and eye catching. And boy do I love turning the ideas in my head into realities. 

How did you start your quilting journey? I'd love to know!


Richard Healey said...

I am new to quilting. And I suggested to wife to quilt for me and while she told me to do it my self. So my journey is just a month old but have complected 8 projects. If you have the time come check out my blog of my adventure and see if it brings back any good or bad memories.


Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

My mom has been quilting my entire life. For 20 years I watched her piece quilts together for loved ones and family friends - most especially when someone was having a baby. Her baby quilts were always in high demand. When my sister-in-law got pregnant, I was 20, I just knew I had to make a baby quilt for my niece. It was an exceptionally simple quilt; purples, pinks and whites all purchased at JoAnns. It was a rail patch quilt, I used some fabric we already had from an old sewing project as the backing and I stitched in the ditch to quilt it. Ever since then I have been HOOKED!

Amy said...

About 3 years ago, a friend dragged me to a quilt shop for Saturday Sampler. I really thought I wouldn't have any interest. I was so wrong. :)

quiltmom said...

I have always loved quilts- years before I ever made a quilt. I first quilted when a friend was making a quilt using templates and scissors so that is a long time ago. My next attempt was in 1986 when I made a quilt in a day log cabin- I was pregnant with our son at the time. In 1996 I began to seriously quilt- I took many classes and have made over 75 bed quilts for family and friends. Its a great past time and I love it as much as I did when I first began - probably even more.
Regards from Western Canada,

Lisa @ Sixmunchkin Stitching said...

it started with me wanting to make a wall hanging of my kid's hands for my in-laws for Christmas about 3 years ago. It was a basic pattern with hand appliqued hands. I love to create things, and after making this quilt, I knew I found a new venue. This past year, I learned a whole lot when I joined Flickr, started my blog, and shop. I found great friends, tutorials, and the difference between Joann quality and designer quality.