Quilt as you go

There is something satisfying about quilting as you go. It is quite gratifying - you get the beautiful straight line quilting without having to wrestle your quilt through the sewing machine.

To be fair, my experience with this type of thing is somewhat limited. I like to make quilts with all sorts of designs, not just log cabins, but after making these blocks for the do.good stitches bee I almost couldn't stop. If only I didn't have school I would've made them all day long!

This is like instant gratification. Or at least almost instant.


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I love the bright happy look of your blocks! I want to try QAYG one day, it seems like such a smart way to go on these kinds of blocks.

VickiT said...

Beautiful blocks. I really love the bright colors. Those would be perfect for a baby's quilt.

I cannot locate anywhere on your blog a way to email you. I wondered if you were possibly going to post the templates for the letters on your Pixelates Peace Pillow tutorial. Thank you.