Stocking for Kids Tutorial Tuesday: Super Simple Stocking Tutorial

I'm excited to officially kick off the Stocking for Kids Charity Drive with a super easy stocking tutorial. Please post any pictures of your stockings that you have made to the Stockings for Kids flickr group.

Also don't forget to check back next Tuesday for another stocking tutorial brought to you by Cluck Cluck Sew.  Also keep your eyes peeled for more information about our sponsors and the great prizes I have lined up for our drawing December 1.

Super Simple Stocking Tutorial


- Stocking pattern (available for free HERE)
- 1/3 yd of fabric for outside of stocking, cut into 2 11x17 inch pieces
- 1/3 yd fabric for inside of stocking, cut into 2 11x17 inch pieces
- 1/3 yd low loft batting, cut into 2 11x17 inch pieces
- 1/4 yd fabric for cuff of stocking, cut into 2 5x7 inch pieces and a strip of fabric 1.75 x 5 for hanging tag


1. Cut all your pieces. If you use a different pattern than my stocking template, you might need to adjust measurements. Note: My template is designed for 11x17 paper (you can print it for .25 at Kinkos)

2. Make a quilt sandwich by layering 1 piece of outside fabric, 1 piece of batting and 1 piece of inside fabric right sides out. Make another fabric sandwich with remaining fabric pieces.

3.  Pin (or spray baste) and quilt as desired. I found that a walking foot is helpful if your plan on quilting using straight lines. Repeat with remaining fabric sandwich.

4. Cut out stocking pattern and lay it on top of the quilted piece with the toe of the boot pointing to the right, being sure that the quilted 11x17 inch piece is right side up. Pin in place and cut out. Repeat with other 11 x 17 inch piece, only this time flip the pattern so the toe of the boot faces left.

5. Cut out the 2 5x7 inch pieces of fabric for the cuff (if not using my template measure cuff by measuring across the stocking top for the width and adding .5 inches for seam allowance).  Since my cuff is a dark material, I cut out a piece of white fabric 2x5 inches to sew onto the cuff so I can write the name of the child.

6. Applique the white square and any other decorative pieces onto the cuff. (Tip: lightly glue down your pieces and then sew with a small zig zag stitch).  Sew the cuff to the top of the stocking with the right side of cuff facing the inside of the stocking using a quarter inch seam. Repeat for the other stocking piece.

7. Fold the bottom of your cuff 1.5 inches under (see picture) and iron flat.

8. Fold down the cuff so it lays nicely on the outside fabric. Iron. Sew along the fold using a decorative stitch. I used a blanket stitch. Repeat for the other stocking piece. 

9. Cut a strip of fabric 1.75 x 5 inches for the hanging tag. Fold in half and iron. Sew the raw sides together and one of the ends using a .25 inch seam. (see picture).  Pull fabric through the hole, turning inside out so the seams are on the inside. I found that a chopstick or pencil helps. 

10.  Place tag so raw edges face the outside seam of the stocking. Be sure to place at an upward angle as shown in the picture. Pin to the front of the stocking. 

11. Pin stocking right sides together and sew with a .25 inch seam around the stocking, leaving the top open.

12. Turn stocking inside out through the top hole. Voila! You have finished your stocking! Super simple, right?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


Melyn said...

So simple! Love it - I may have to make some extra for Jordan and myself as well as the foster kids!

Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

Great tutorial! Can't wait to get working on one :)

Sorcha girl said...

What a great idea! I'll join in to make a stocking or two.

Diane E W said...

I wanted to join in but I can't get the pattern to print. Any suggestions? onl;y top half will print.

Loretta F. said...

Ok here is what worked for me. Don't use the browser print button. Click on the file menu of the template and click on print. When the adobe file opens select print again. On the bottom of the page click on the "advanced" button. Check the box that says "print as image" Make sure your printer is set to correct image size in properties. Good Luck