100 Day Hustle: Halfway

Well this will be the post in which you discover that I haven't accomplished many things that were on my original list *hangs head*

On my gigantic list, I've managed to finish:

A noodlehead clutch:

My 3x6 Bee blocks:

My kitchen rug:

And that's it. Although I have made significant progress on my quilts (they just need binding). I have been rather distracted as of late by my new cross stitch project and spending time with my dashing husband (who has been on family medicine rotation recently and all of a sudden has a somewhat normal schedule)

Perhaps I will amend my list to make it more manageable...(are you allowed to do that? Whatever, I'm doing it anyway.)

I will complete:

DGS Star Quilt
DGS Gray Quilt
Cancer Strip Quilt
Mosaic Quilt
Dessert of the Month
Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown to Xmas

I really want to complete:

Amy Butler Weekender Bag

Everything else I want to get done will be icing on the cake. Suggestions on how to stay focused on my list and not get distracted by other ideas are much appreciated.


Kelsey said...

Everything you've done looks amazing!! Love those bee blocks :)

Lisa Mather said...

Looks good!

Alison said...

Beautiful bee blocks! :)

tirane93 said...

those are stunning bee blocks! congrats on getting through some of your list!

FiberofAll Sorts said...

Totally adore all the finished photos!

And you are so ambitious ... love it!

audrey said...

Woo! Those bee blocks are super fab! And I love that noodlehead clutch. So much fun! :)

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Gorgeous bee blocks!

Love the kitchen mat! Must make one of those for me - though not likely in the next 50 days hehehe

kat129 said...

Awesome projects - way to hustle. Excited to see your quilts. And a really cool kitchen mat - who knew you could make one? Never even on my radar. I love how you twisted some of the blocks!
And yeah you gotta love the family medicine rotation. Mine is off interviewing for residencies right now - the only reason I have plenty of time to sew :-)
cheers for the rest of the way!

Kristy said...

Oh your bee blocks are gorgeous!!! That is going to be a fabulous finish!

Anna said...

Wow, those blocks are so pretty! I love them :) That's going to be a really great rug, too!

Carla said...

You are really getting things done. I should be sewing, but I was tagged in this bloggers game and now I've tagged you.
I'm your newest follower..
Happy Day!

Jennie said...

You're doing great! No advice on getting distracted. I get distracted at least twice a day.

I'm working on a patchwork bath mat. I should do a kitchen rug too. Great idea!