A few finishes...and a WIP

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I have been a busy little bee this week -- catching up on all sorts of projects. I managed to finish quilting one of 2 quilts I need to finish for do.good.stitches (a charity quilting group on flickr). I will take better photos when the weather decides to cooperate, but for now this sneak peek will have to do.

Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous about washing it -- although with some suggestions from my lovely instagram friends, I loaded it up in the washing machine with a few color catchers and voila, no bleeding! Thank goodness for online friends!

I've also been trying to piece together a back for my other do.good.stitches quilt, so I spent the afternoon yesterday playing with a few kona charm packs. I am liking how this is turning out - I have a fun idea, but we'll see if I have the time to execute it...and of course it involves a visit to the fabric shop. =)

Finally, I finished my swap item for the Sewing Summit 12 Swap that is hosted on Flickr. I had so much fun coming up with something I think my partner will enjoy...but since she hasn't got it yet I'll only show a sneak peek.

I'll link up to Lee's WIP post...and hope that you ya'all have an excellent holiday!


Fiber of All Sorts said...

Wow.. these look awesome! Keep it up my dear!

Elvy Crafts said...

Wow, your quilt and quilting look lovely. Great work!

Gillian Grimmett said...

Love the star quilt. But that has to be th most awesome backing to a quilt. Love rainbows of colour. Visiting through Freshly Pieced.

Anna said...

I love the way the piecing on the backing is going as well. Love the black borders! I also can't wait to see the full quilt top because the one star you showed us has me wanting more.