Modern Tennessee Block Tutorial

Hello friends! December is my month to design a quilt for the do.Good Stitches group I am a part of on flickr. With the holidays and all sorts of craziness coming up, I decided to whip up a tutorial for the Modern Tennessee Block. It's super easy and takes no time to put together - leaving you with plenty of time to make some holiday cookies.

Anyway, here's the tutorial:


(4) 5-inch colored squares
(8) 3-inch light gray squares

Step 1: Cut all your pieces

Step 2: Draw a diagonal line with a pencil on the back of the 3-inch squares

Step 3: Pin a 3-inch square right side down on top of a 5-inch square in the upper left corner, and another 3" square on the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Sew on the lines and trim, leaving a quarter inch seam

Step 5: Press and arrange blocks into an x.

Step 6: Sew block together and square up to 9 inches.

Voila! Thanks ladies for making these blocks for me - you are awesome. =)

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craftytammie said...

fun and easy! love it!