Stockings for Kids Tutorial Tuesday: Confetti Christmas Stocking

Happy Tuesday folks! Before I get down to the nitty gritty stocking tutorial info, I just wanted to say a giant thank you to everyone who has agreed to participate in the stocking drive so far. The kids will be so excited when they get their stockings! 

Today's edition of tutorial Tuesday is sponsored by Kate Spain. She has generously donated some of her 12 Days of Christmas fabric for the stocking drive. I don't know about you, but I love Kate's designs and always look forward to her fabric lines. The Fat Quarter Shop has a wide selection of her fabric - go check it out, you won't regret it - trust me!

Also don't forget to check back next Tuesday for another stocking tutorial brought to you by none other than Heather from Olive & Ollie. Also keep your eyes peeled for more information about an upcoming giveaway for Stockings for Kids participants! 

Confetti Christmas Stocking Tutorial


- Stocking pattern (available for free HERE)
- 65 assorted pieces of fabric cut into 2.5x2.5 inch squares, for the patchwork on front of the stocking
- 1/3 yd fabric for back of stocking, cut into 1 11x17 inch piece
- 1/3 yd fabric for inside of stocking, cut into 2 11x17 inch pieces
- 1/3 yd low loft batting, cut into 2 11x17 inch pieces
- 1/4 yd fabric for cuff of stocking, cut into 2 5x7 inch pieces and a strip of fabric 1.75 x 5 for hanging tag


1. Cut your patchwork squares. 

2. Arrange your squares randomly into a grid that is 9 rows of 7 squares each. You can move them around to find an arrangement that you like. 

3. Sew the squares into rows. I recommend chain piecing them together to save time (and thread!)

5. Iron the rows and arrange them into a rectangle.  

4. Sew the bottom 2 rows right sides together. Repeat this process until you have sewn all 9 rows together.

5. Now your patchwork front is complete. To finish, follow steps 2-12 of the Super Simple Stocking Tutorial. Or you can finish it with lining it using Allison's tutorial.

5. Voila! Now you have a finished confetti patchwork stocking. 

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


Caren said...

Sweet, thanks Kate!!! Some day I'm going to sew in straight lines! I finished 3 patchwork stockings over the weekend and I now have a greater appreciation for you quilters!!!

Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

Awesome tutorial! Kate is so wonderful for being a part of this!

Melanie said...

Kate Spain really is the best! Not only is she incredibly talented, but so generous. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!