Choices Choices

Too many ideas are floating around my head as to how I want to sew together this dang summer sampler quilt top. It's driving me insane...I even dreamed about it last night. Using my trusty illustrator/photoshop skills (see my college degree wasn't for naught!) I made a few mock ups of potential quilt tops. Do you have a favorite? Or perhaps another idea that isn't even here yet?

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Cindy said...

Wow! It's going to be beautiful! the first thing that hits me is I really like the white sashing. No matter what you do, it's going to be lovely.

SoSarahSews said...

Looks great! I didn't sash mine, just going to add a 4-5 in border on the outside. Maybe a pieced border, I don't know yet.
Have fun finishing it!

Deanna said...

Tough pick! But what a great dilema to have. What about green sashing? Just wondering?

t. anne said...

I like the purple sashing and skinny borders 2nd row, 2nd image. I think the blocks stand out a little bit better in that one. Each block has its own little frame. A lot more work, though, to piece frames on every block!