Quilting to Help Others

One of the things I love about the online quilting community is the sense of generosity and the "give back" attitude of many people out in blogland. I love the idea that I can spend a few hours to make a quilt square or two and send it off to be made into a quilt to help so many people. There are quite a few projects going on right now that are for worthy causes that you should check out.

1. Sarah over at SoSarahSews is making two purple and pink quilts for two sisters in the foster care system. I know from working with foster children that having something to call your own is really special. The blocks that she chose are really simple and don't take much time to make at all. Head over to her blog to read about her project and sign up to make a block or two.

2.  My friend Caroline blogs at serenity quilts and is in the process of making a quilt to help raise money for cancer research. You can read more about her story here. I know many of us have been affected in some way by cancer and it's nice to be able to give back and hopefully help find a way to beat it. She is making a Hearts Appeal quilt and is asking for blocks with hearts on them. Check out her blog for more information and to see what types of designs others have come up with.

3. Rachel at Stitched in Color has organized an online quilting bee that gives back to the communities called Do.good Stitches. It is through flickr and every month people make blocks that go into a quilt so essentially you are helping to make a quilt a month for an entire year. It is a great way to make friends, expand your quilting skills and help others in the process. Check out the flickr group for more information and to sign up. Even if you don't sign up it is still an excellent source for inspiration.

4. The DC Modern Quilt Guild is sponsoring 100 Quilts for Kids. This is a great idea - you donate a baby quilt to someone in your local area from September 15 - October 14. To encourage people to participate they are offering prizes to people who donate. Check out Kate's blog for more information.

Anyway I hope that you take a moment to check out all these great projects going on right now and if you know of any other ones let me know!