A Quilty Weekend

On Friday my husband had a test in medical school which meant that he had a "free" weekend to spend lots of time with me. Of course I have a sewing to do list a mile long, so not knowing what to do with his free time (medical students don't really understand the concept of free time since they hardly have any) he offered to help me out.

First we went to the local quilt shop where we bought some beautiful fabric (efficiently I might add -- my dashing husband's idea of a perfect afternoon does not include spending hours at the quilt store)

Then we cut out of fabric while watching a movie...lots and lots of little fabric squares....

These lovely squares are then being sewn into fun blocks like so:

And then we laid out a variety of arrangements for another quilt I'm working on, and finally settled on a plan for it.

All in all it was a successful quilting weekend.

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Rachel said...

Cute zigzag quilt.